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Closed signs for a senior researcher for the Medal of Scientific Merit Carlos Chagas

Nominations for researchers to run for the prize can be made from July 16 and 30


Nominations will be evaluated from August 1 to 7. On August 8, the BSTM will disclose the winner, who will be granted with a medal during the Congress opening ceremony

The scientists who made great contributions to Tropical Medicine will also be honored in the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (2016 MEDTROP). During the event, to be held from August 21 to 24 in Maceió, Alagoas, for the first time the Medalha do Mérito Científico Carlos Chagas (Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Medal) will be granted.

Nominations of researchers to receive the award can be made from July 16 to 30. Just download and fill the form here and reply attached to this e-mail address (premiopesquisadorsenior@localhost). Nominations will be confirmed by the same e-mail address.

A judging commission will choose the winner. Three former BSTM presidents – doctors Mitermayer Galvão dos Reis, Maria Aparecida Shikanai-Yasuda and Carlos Henrique Nery Costa – and the current vice-president, Doctor Sinval Brandão, form the group. The current president of the entity, Doctor Marcus Lacerda, will not join the collegiate due to his many attributions in the Congress organization.

The selection criteria have already been defined: 1) Exceptional scientific production within the Tropical Medicine field; 2) Have developed significant scientific contribution while working in Brazil; 3) have performed an important role forming human resources in Tropical Medicine (stricto sensu and lato sensu); 4) have developed works which resulted in benefits for the academic community and general population; 5) be over 70 years-old; 6) not be a member of the BSTM board; 7) not have been awarded in previous editions and 8) the nomination of the awarded is restricted to members even with the BSTM financial responsibilities. It is important to notice the winners election does not depend on the number of nominations.

The commission will evaluate the nominations from August 1 to 7. On the 8th of the same month, the BSTM will disclose the winner, who will be granted with the medal during the Congress opening ceremony (21).

Previous winners

The two previous winners of the Senior Researcher Award were José Rodrigues Coura, in 2015 and Zilton de Araújo Andrade, in 2014.

Doctor Coura is a founding member of the BSTM (1962), and was Chair of the institution during 1973 and 1975, besides being the editor of the Societys journal for 12 years. Between 1961 and 2014, he published around 260 complete articles in national and international journals, besides books and book chapters in his interest field.

Doctor Zilton, with over 60 years dedicated to Tropical Medicine, was author of 34 book chapters, 14 of which were published abroad, and editor of 4 books published in Brazil. Dr. Zilton is author of important scientific published works and crucial for the formation of scientists.…