Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Award: Nominations begin on the 16th

Nominations for senior researchers to be awarded are open from July 16 to 30


Nominations will be evaluated from August 1 to 7. On August 8, the BSTM will disclose the winner that will be granted the Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Award


For the fifth consecutive year the BSTM will award a scientist with relevant work to Tropical Medicine The award will be granted during the opening ceremony of the 54th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (MedTrop), on September 2, in Recife, PE.

Nominations for the Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Award can be registered from July 16 to 30. Just download and fill out the form (click here) and send it to the premiopesquisadorsenior@localhost. The nominations will be confirmed by the same e-mail.

The judging commission that will choose the winner scientist is composed by doctors Aluísio Segurado, Glória Teixeira and Mitermayer Galvão dos Reis, the groups coordinator.

The selection criteria remain the same as those defined in previous editions: 1) Exceptional scientific production in the area of Tropical Medicine; 2) Have developed a significant scientific contribution while working in Brazil; 3) To have played an important role in the training of human resources in Tropical Medicine (stricto sensu e lato sensu); 4) Have developed works that have resulted in the benefit of the academic community and the general population; 5) Be over 70 years of age; 6) Not to be part of SBMTs board of directors; 7) Not having won the prize in previous editions. It is important to notice that the indication of the winners is restricted to associates even with their financial obligations with the SBMT and that the election of the winner does not depend on the number of nominations.

The judging committee will evaluate the nominations from and August 01 to 07. On August 08 the BSTM will disclose the winner of the Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Award.

Previous winners

Senior Researcher Award winners in 2014 and 2015 were respectively professors Daniel Andrade and José Rodrigues Coura. In 2016, the Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Award was handed to two renowned scientists: Professors João Carlos Pinto Dias and Vicente Amato Neto. In 2017, the award was granted o Emeritus Professor at Brasilia University (UnB) Professor Pedro Luiz Tauil.