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MedTrop 2023: ChagasLeish represents progress in the fight against neglected diseases

Satellite events are a valuable addition to the main congress program and provide an enriching and diverse experience.


ChagasLeish aims to promote advances in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of these diseases that affect millions of people around the world.

The MEDTROP 2023 satellite events are a valuable addition to the main congress program, providing participants with an enriching and diverse experience. It is a unique opportunity to expand knowledge, exchange experiences and contribute to the advancement of Tropical Medicine. In addition, satellite events offer the opportunity to deepen knowledge in specific areas, learn about innovative research and establish contacts with internationally renowned professionals and researchers. The program includes several courses, round tables and symposiums.

The Annual Meeting of Applied Research in Chagas Disease and Leishmaniasis, ChagasLeish, a satellite event of the Brazilian Congress of Tropical Medicine (MEDTROP) has great prominencein the Brazilian and Latin American scientific scene. Held annually, this event aims to bring together researchers, physicians, students and health professionals who work with Chagas disease and leishmaniasis, together with the technical staff of the Ministry of Health in the respective areas. This important scientific conference provides a very rich scientific environment for the exchange of knowledge, debate and presentation of innovative research. Participants have the opportunity to update their knowledge on the latest advances, as well as discuss challenges and future prospects. This year’s edition has the theme “ Unique Health as an integrated control approach ”.

During ChagasLeish, a wide range of topics related to these diseases are covered. Epidemiological aspects, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, vector control, immunology, genetics and development of new therapies, health education are discussed. In addition, the results of clinical and experimental studies are presented, favoring the dissemination of relevant scientific discoveries. For the President of Chagasleish 2023, Dr. Alda Maria da Cruz, the exchange of experiences and knowledge among participants is enriched through lectures given by renowned national and international experts, who share their experiences and offer insightsvaluable to the present scientific community. In addition, conferences, round tables and courses are held, providing a space for more in-depth discussions on specific topics.

Also according to Dr. Cruz, the ChagasLeish meeting is also an opportunity to promote interaction between professionals from different areas and institutions, facilitating collaboration and the formation of research networks aimed at meeting the demands of services and improving the quality of surveillance actions and clinical management. “The exchange of information and the discussion of ideas contribute to the advancement of knowledge and to the development of more effective strategies to combat these diseases of neglected populations. In addition, the meeting also encourages the participation of young researchers and students, offering spaces dedicated to the presentation of scientific papers. This interaction between established and beginning researchers is essential to foster interest and continuity of research in the area”, she adds.

For the president of ChagasLeish 2023, the meeting plays a key role in disseminating scientific knowledge and promoting advances in the field of these diseases. “Through this event, the scientific community engaged in the fight against these diseases determined by social conditions finds a space for sharing and collaboration, contributing to the improvement of control and treatment strategies and, consequently, to the improvement of public health”, he points out. the Dr. Cross. Considered an event of great importance for the scientific community and health professionals involved in the study and fight against Chagas disease and leishmaniasis, the event’s highlight is the presence of renowned specialists, both national and international, who share their research and experiences. in the field.

During its scientific activities, interaction among participants is encouraged through question and answer sessions, debates and discussions, further enriching learning and knowledge development. “By presenting an environment conducive to the exchange of experiences, this meeting significantly contributes to the advancement in understanding and coping with these tropical diseases, always seeking to improve the health and quality of life of the affected populations. Over the years, ChagasLeish has become a milestone in the fight against these diseases, bringing hope and renewing commitment to overcoming challenges. By joining efforts and implementing integrated strategies, it is hoped that Chagas disease and leishmaniasis will no longer be a burden for millions of people around the world, allowing them to live healthier and more dignified lives”, concludes Dr. Cross.