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Programação prévia do MEDTROP 2016 já está no ar

Neste ano, a ChagasLeish será realizada junto com o MEDTROP


The event will also save room for several other debates among them, the new tools in Tropical Pathology

With the emergence of the Zika virus, transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the theme could not be left aside of the main discussions of the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (2016 MEDTROP). However, the event is saving room for several other matters involving the challenges for Tropical Medicine in Brazil and the world.

The debate on Zika, in the MEDTROPs lectures, will mainly approach the virus history, its biology, control mechanisms and the studies of correlation with microcephaly. In this sense, there will be round tables with themes as Cohort study of pregnant women with skin exanthema* and A Possible bacteria to combat Zika*.

Leishmaniasis will also be on the spotlight during this years Congress. This is because one of the most traditional meetings about the disease will happen along with MEDTROP: the 2016 ChagasLeish. The event’s round-tables include, among others, the Use of High Resolution Melt (HRM) distinguishing Leishmania species*.

Other themes

Other tropical diseases known to Brazilians – and others no so much – will also be approached in the debates. Among them, dengue (with lectures as A Brazilian-developed vaccine against dengue*), yellow fever (Vaccine against YF: strategic supply and new technological approaches*) and schistosomiasis (Schistosomiasis mansoni diagnosis in low-endemicity contexts in Brazil*).

Besides these, the agenda includes Chagas disease (with round-tables as Laboratory aspects for diagnostic and follow-up of Trypanosoma cruzi-HIV co-infection and reactivation*), malaria (New horizons treating malaria vivax*), leprosy (Facing the stigma seeking social participation*) and AIDS (Management in HIV and VHC co-infection*) and hepatitis delta (Treatment – Challenges of the present and what waits us in the future*).

The 2016 MEDTROP will also save room for several other debates. Among them, the new tools for Tropical Pathology (among the lectures, is Microbiology techniques in post-mortem samples and its use in emerging diseases research*), immunization (Dengue vaccine: effectiveness, safety and indications*), intestinal parasite diseases (Identification of Giardia lamblia gentotype E in humans indicate the existence of a new zoonotic cycle*) and neglected zoonosis in Brazil (Brazilian spotted fever*).

There are also highlights for animal poisoning (Development and innovation producing hiperimmune serum*) and travel medicine (Pre-exposure prophlilaxis for rabies in travellers*).


Among this years conferences, we will approach themes as Climate Change and Tropical Diseases*, Malaria Eradication* and TB and TB strategy – Challenges and Perspectives* – expected participation of the research senior advisor fothe Tuberculosis Global Program from the World Health Organization (WHO), Christian Lienhardt.

ATTENTION: Items highlighted by * are only some of the several lectures on each theme. Click here to find the complete program for the 2016 MEDTROP.