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Clinical trials 2024: unprecedented advances in medical research

Nature magazine lists eleven clinical trials that should revolutionize medicine this year


Gene editing, AI, HIV vaccine are among eleven clinical trials expected to shape medicine in 2024, according to the journal Nature Medicine

Advances in clinical trials for various diseases have made progress, as highlighted by the scientific journal Nature Medicine.  The publication listed the eleven main clinical trials scheduled for 2024. Although several Phase I studies do not advance to later phases, clinical trials continue to advance , even in the midst of important challenges, such as staff and medicine shortages. These clinical trials promise to shape medicine this year and directly impact our health. Forecasts in the area of ​​biohealth tend to get things right, but they fail to predict the timing . For example, the search for an HIV vaccine optimistically predicted in 1989 has not yet materialized, despite advances. Clinical trials bring promise, however they do not always translate into effective treatments or may even have limited effects, as seen in the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the year 2024, the magazine highlights significant advances, such as gene editing to treat cholesterol, using CRISPR technology to modify defective genes, which could revolutionize treatments. Additionally, there is hope in stem cell trials to treat Parkinson’s disease and a new approach to the HIV vaccine, VIR-1388, which targets a strong T-cell-based immune response. Other notable studies include a vaccine against malaria and the application of AI to assess the risk of mortality in patients treated in emergency services.

Early detection of lung cancer and AI

One of the advances mentioned is the early diagnosis of lung cancer through chest x-rays and the use of artificial intelligence to speed up the diagnosis process. In the United Kingdom, a trial involving 150,000 patients will test this technology, with results expected this year.

VIR-1388: An HIV preventive potential

A Vir Biotechnology trial focusing on a cytomegalovirus (CMV) vector vaccine called VIR-1388 is also attracting attention. The vaccine aims to prevent HIV, with preliminary results expected in 2024.

Stem cell transplantation in Parkinson’s disease

Another trial, called STEM PD, aims to transplant dopaminergic neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells into patients with moderate Parkinson’s disease.

These studies represent significant promise, but as the journal points out, some results may differ from expectations. Still, these are important advances that could transform the medical landscape and positively impact global health.