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April 7th: World Health Day



In view of the current political-institutional context of the Country, the relevant and strategic activities linked to World Health Day, the mission and history of the SBMT and the need for coherence with all the path we have undertaken in the present, the SBMT supports the initiative of the Front for Life in partnership with various scientific and trade union entities, political parties, social and popular movements in mobilizing the call of the entire Brazilian society to participate today in the National Free, Democratic and Popular Health Conference.
It is essential to clearly demarcate the importance of having free and universal health in our country, with an increasingly strengthened Unified Health System.
In this sense, we disclose the different activities throughout today (07/04):
– From 14 p.m., the conferences international launch debate will be attended by Abrasco president Rosana Onocko, WFPHA vice president Luis Eugênio, Dr. Miguel Lombrera (Mexico) and Dr. Anulfo Lopez (Dominican Republic). The event will compose the schedule of the Global Public Health Week, and promoted by the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) and will be broadcast on TV Abrasco, with an interpreter in Portuguese and Spanish.
During Global Public Health Week, the WFPHA brings together institutions, communities and collective health actors from around the world to recognize the contributions of public health and its workforce. This annual event fosters discussion on best practices and key advances for disease prevention and health and wellbeing promotion globally.
Learn more: https://bit.ly/3x2FB4p
Channel in Portuguese: https://youtu.be/euwrYUU5yww
Additional information: https://www.abrasco.org.br/site/destaque/semana-global-da-saude-lancamento-internacional-da-conferencia-nacional-livre-democratica-e-popular-de-saude/65577/
– Today also announces and demarcates also at 17 pm, the launch and the holding of the National Free, Popular and Democratic Health Conference, which will be held on August 5 in Brasilia. The Free National Conference will be added to the preparatory process of the 17th National Health Conference of the National Health Council (CNS), which will take place in 2023.
For the official announcement of this Conference, health entities that are part of the Front for Life and institutions of the social movement participate in an act in Brasilia that will be transmitted via the web throughout Brazil.
The event will feature broadcasting by TV Abrasco and retransmission by YouTube of the various partner institutions, especially networks of entities members of the Front and popular communication.
Find out more:
Channel: https://youtu.be/1MPdYXqnaPE
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