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January 30 – World Day for Neglected Tropical Diseases



width=350January 30th brings the opportunity to highlight one of the biggest public health problems with calamitous socioeconomic consequences — diseases that show one of the cruelest faces of inequality in a globalized world.

The SBMT reiterates its technical-political commitment throughout its history to support, based on scientific evidence, the fight against and control of NTDs, defending and valuing the Unified Health System (SUS) as well as supporting intersectoral actions to overcome social determinants in health. It should also be noted that, despite all efforts, the austerity measures that impact health and education, as well as the lack of robust and continued investments in scientific research and innovation for these diseases still permeate our society.

NTDs affect the worlds poorest populations, those who are invisible and living in the shadow of oblivion. People affected by these diseases need oral, safe, effective, low-cost and short-term treatment, in addition to the development of vaccines. May this date reinforce the commitment to fight NTDs and save lives.

More info: https://en.sbmt.org.br/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/100.pdf