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National Exhibition of Successful Experiences in Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases – 17th EXPOEPI

November 06 to 10, 2023


Entries are open for the 17th National Exhibition of Successful Experiences in Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases – 17th Expoepi. The event will take place in Brasília – DF, scheduled for November 6 to 10, 2023, and aims to disseminate important topics for the consolidation of the Unified Health System (SUS) and reward, through its Competitive Exhibition, professionals , health services and social movements in the country that stood out in the development of health surveillance actions relevant to Public Health.

Type I

Entries for municipal, state or Federal District SUS experiences may be carried out in the following thematic areas:

Area 1 – Confronting communicable, neglected or elimination diseases as a Public Health problem;

Area 2 – Surveillance, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections;

Area 3 – Surveillance and monitoring of non-communicable chronic diseases, external causes and health promotion actions;

Area 4 – Use of platforms, methods and innovative laboratory flows for the surveillance of infectious diseases;

Area 5 – Surveillance in Environmental Health and Surveillance in Occupational Health;

Area 6 – Preparedness, surveillance and response to public health emergencies;

Area 7 – Prevention and control of vaccine-preventable diseases;

Area 8 – Initiatives to combat misinformation about vaccines;

Area 9 – Experiences of inclusion, accessibility, diversity and equity in the SUS; It is

Area 10 – Digital transformation and improving the quality of health information.

The event will reward successful municipal or state experiences in the area of ​​surveillance, prevention and control of diseases or injuries in Public Health, which may compete for prizes of up to R$ 50,000.

Type II
Professionals who work in the SUS will be able to register their technical-scientific works resulting from postgraduate studies in the area of ​​public health or similar, carried out in institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education and which have contributed to the improvement of health surveillance actions.

Authors of technical-scientific work in the specialization, master’s and doctoral categories will be awarded prizes of up to R$ 8,000, R$ 10,000 and 15,000, respectively.

Type III

The social movements that present the social interventions that have best contributed to the improvement of health surveillance actions will be awarded prizes of up to R$8,000.

The public notice that provides the regulation for the selection process of experiments, technical-scientific works and social interventions, candidates for the resulting awards is available on page. Entries for the competitive show close on 07/13/2023.

To register, visit the link: http://expoepi.saude.gov.br/trabalho

Edital for the 17th Expoepi: (Click here)

Regulation 17th Expoepi: (Click here)