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Obituary: Marcília de Araujo Medrado Faria (*1938 †2014)


DraMarcilia de Araujo Medrado Faria (10-03-1938 – 08-05-2014) graduated Medical School from the Federal University of Bahia,  had her PhD by the Department of Preventive Medicine ofthe Sao Paulo University Medical School and post-doctorate by the Paris Univeristy IV and Paris I, becoming a professor at the Sao Paulo University Medical School in 1969. She developed lecturin, research and assistance  activities on Preventive Medicine, Collective Health and Occupational Health, with works on Chagas disease and Occupational Toxicological Chronic Diseases epidemiological nature , especially Cancer and Benzene and Mercury Intoxication.

Dr. Marcilia shaped her trajectory with the defense of the Public Health Systems principles and the acknowledgment of the workers needs and rights, through an intense dedication for work and a continuous and unceasing struggle defending her ideas.

Her friends, disciples and journey colleagues here express the acknowledgment for her important contribution for knowledge and the model it represents, which will be indelibly recorded towards the worker health!…