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Renowned speakers will make the 53rd MedTrop shine

Between August 27 and 30, Cuiaba will host one of the greatest Tropical Medicine events in the world, gathering experts in the field


This years edition will have some of the most expressive names in the field, who will share their knowledge and experience with the participants

The 53rd Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (MedTrop) is still in full preparation to greet its guests and participants. This years edition will count with the presence of some of the most expressive names in the field, who will share their experiences and knowledge with the participants. Among the confirmed names, we can point out Dr. Celina Turchi, speaker of the theme Zika-virus congenital transmission. The expert in infectious diseases at Fiocruz Pernambuco was chosen one of the 10 most important scientists in 2016 by prestigious journal Nature, due to her teams work that demonstrated a relation between microcephaly and Zika virus. Doctor Celina graduated Medical School at Goiás Federal University (UFG), awarded her Master’s degree in Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, England, and her doctorate in Public Health at the Preventive Medicine Department at São Paulo University (USP).

Another highlight will be Dr. Jeffrey Shaw, speaker of Leishmaniasis history in the Americas. His studies in the field begun by chance. During the late 50s, he was a doctorate student at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, England, when we was suggested to study common protozoa in Central America. After spending some time in the region, he noticed some wounds in the neck that would not heal. Seeking a diagnosis, he returned to London. After three weeks at his universitys hospital, physicians were unable to identify the cause of the wounds. A friend scientist raised the possibility of leishmaniosis. Tests at the hospital returned negative, but tests performed by himself confirmed the suspicion. Then he decided to study it. He has dedicated to studying Leishmania since he moved to Brazil, in 1965. The scientist has been awarded by the British government for his researches on Leishmaniasis in Brazil, when he was granted the Order of the British Empire.

Dr. Pedro Fernando da Costa Vasconcelos, held as one of the worlds leading experts in yellow fever, virologist and researcher at the Evandro Chagas Institute, who came under the spotlight as correspondent at the Health Ministry during discussions about the recent yellow fever outbreak in Brazil, is also among the relevant speakers who will join MedTrop 2017 to talk about the theme. Doctor Vasconcelos is the director at the Evandro Chagas Institute and member of the experts committee of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Another brilliant presence in the event will be Professor Dr. Pedro Tauil, due to his large experience with yellow fever in Brazil and his contributions in malaria research. For almost five decades, he studies the behavior of infectious diseases. Graduated at São Paulo University (USP), the Master and Doctor has published over 100 works in the mentioned fields, among books and papers.

The 53rd MedTrop will also count on the presence of Dr. Rafael Sacramento, from the Doctors Without Borders organization (MSF) for a conference that means a recent approach in the BSTM events.

Dr. Marcelo Simão Ferreira, very experienced scientist in infectious diseases and brilliant-career professor at Uberlândia Federal University (UFU), will be another highlight of the event. The expert will present a lecture about hepatitis. Dr. Marcelo Simão is a former president of the BSTM and chaired a Congress.

We can also point the presence of the Director of the Department of Surveillance, Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (IST), HIV/Aids and Viral Hepatitis (DIAHV) at the Health Ministry, Adele Benzaken. In her conference, the sanitary physician will approach the governments strategies to fight the Aids epidemic we are once more experiencing in Brazil.

Other nationally and internationally renowned speakers will be present, many not mentioned here, as Dr. Jorge Alvar, who has not confirmed yet. Recently, Dr. Alvar chaired the WorldLeish, in Toledo, Spain. He currently is known as the greatest name describing Leishmania/HIV co-infection in the world.

We have high expectations, and the organizing committee will not stop here. Dr. Marcus Lacerda, president of the BSTM and Dr. Marcia Hueb, chair of the MedTrop 2017, are working tirelessly gathering all efforts to ensure the participants will have their expectations of a great event fulfilled. Meanwhile, we are looking forward and counting the minutes for the Congress.…