Super condom could increase pleasure at affordable prices

The condom contains a substance that attacks the HIV in case of rupture


Doctor Mahua Choudhury explains that more financial support is necessary to make the product reach the shelves

A condom that doesnt use latex, that could help – a lot – to combat the HIV and even increase sexual pleasure. By the way, it could cost a single penny. Is this possible? A work developed by doctor Mahua Choudhury, from the Texas University Health Sciences Center, in the USA and funded by the Bill Gates Foundation proves it is.

The contraceptive consists of a strong elastic polymer called hydrogel, contains an embedded plant-based substance with anti-HIV properties, which act in case of rupture. These antioxidant substances, according to the researcher, also stimulate nerve endings and, thus, increase sexual pleasure.

In an interview to the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine (BSTM), doctor Choudhury explains that, among others, that the first goal is to commercialize the product at the “lowest price possible”.

Find the full interview below:

BSMT: How the research was done?

Dr. Choudhury: The research was initiated with Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenge Award in an initiative to prevent HIV worldwide. With their funding, the research was carried out to make a novel material for condom.

BSMT: How this product will help control HIV in the poorest countries?

Dr. Choudhury: We envisage that the product will be able to prevent HIV virus or any other sexually transmitted disease transmission. In case, the virus gets in accidentally, the embedded antioxidants will be able to kill the virus or prevent the replication of virus via several mechanisms.

BSMT: As the product may increase sexual pleasure?

Dr. Choudhury: If we succeed, it will increase the sexual pleasure via influencing nerve ending.

BSMT: The product will have an affordable price?

Dr. Choudhury: The idea is to make as inexpensive as possible. Vision is to make one cent (if possible).

BSMT: When should be available in the market?

Dr. Choudhury: Science goes slow. We want to make sure that we achieve what we want. We do want to help the human being at the end and again revolution does not come in one day. More financial help is needed to make it to market.…