Three awards for junior scientists will be granted during the 2018 MedTrop opening ceremony

Those interested in the Young Researcher Award should register at the event’s website. Those interested in the Young Investigator Award should forward their requests until July 20, while those interested in the Ruth Nussenzweig Medal Young Researcher Award should register until August 10


The awards intend to encourage young scientists who had exceptional performance in the Tropical Medicine Field

The Young Researcher Award, created in 2014, aims to acknowledge the relevance of young researchers work for science, as well as stimulating the continuity of their works in the Tropical Medicine field. This years edition will once again give the sum of R$ 1,000 for the first place in each category (graduate, masters and doctor) while the second and third places will be granted honorable mentions. The best works in each category will be presented in the first day of the event (pre-congress course day). The result of the award will be disclosed during the opening ceremony of the 54th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine, which will be held in Recife, PE, from September 2 to 5.

To participate, authors must confirm the participation while registering at the events website. The review criteria remain the same as the 2017 edition. Among them, the themes relevance, theoretical consistency and the used methodology. The first three places in the poster category in the morning will be transferred to oral presentations in the afternoon. It is important to notice that in order to run for the award, the candidate must be the first author of the submitted abstract, and in addition, must be present at the first day of the event and present the work.

Special Young Researcher Award: Ruth Nussenzweig Medal

The award will be awarded to a young Brazilian researcher, with up to 10 years of doctorate, who has made contributions to the study of malaria. The goal is not to award recently defended doctorate thesis, but the young researchers who became references in their fields. This way, candidates must be those who effectively represent a contribution of significant impact in the field.

To participate, candidates must send a mini-memorial of up to five pages (Times new roman font, size 11, spacing 1.5) where his/her history is described pointing the work and contributions to malaria research, with emphasis in their current work/investigation; abstract (according to the format of abstracts presented in the meeting) referent to the current results. The documents must be sent until August 10 to the e-mail address

The awarding will take place during the XV National Meeting of Malaria Research, to take place form September 3 to 5 as a satellite event at the 54th MedTrop.

Institut Mérieux – BSTM Young Investigator Award 2018

Aiming to encourage young researchers with exceptional performance in Tropical Medicine, the Institut Mérieux and the BSTM firmed a partnership to award, in 2017, a Young Investigator. The award, a sum of €10,000, was handed during the 53rd MedTrop, in Cuiabá. This year, the award in the same amount, will be handed during the opening ceremony of the 54th MedTrop.

To participate, candidates must be current members of the BSTM. Requests for the award should be sent to the BSTM until July 20. The request should be in English and sent to the e-mail address sbmt@sbmt@localhost. It must bear the applicants full name and contact details (email address and cell phone number), plus a brief Resume detailing the professional history and de ion, one to two pages long of research and/or clinical projects the young researcher performed or that could be considered for the award. The presentation of supporting documents, such as the publication of the proposed work is required. It should also contain the one-to-two-page de ion of ongoing and future research conducted by the candidate in the field of tropical diseases. Finally, a picture of the researcher and a recommendation letter from the host institution where the candidate is currently working (optional).…